New and Existing Reinforced Concrete Construction

 MCI reinforced concrete

MCI® Technology for Reinforced Concrete

MPG offers a full line of Cortec® MCI® (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™) Technologies that are specially formulated to protect new and existing steel reinforced concrete structures from corrosion. Often, corroding rebar in deteriorating concrete is the cause of costly repairs, financial losses, injuries, and even deaths. MCI® greatly extends the service life of new and existing structures by proactively delaying the onset of corrosion and keeping rates low after initiation. Cortec®

MCI® products maintain structural integrity, rehabilitate vulnerable structures, and alleviate environmental concerns.

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Content courtesy of Cortec Corporation, St. Paul, MN.

Roads and bridges are constantly deteriorating through heavy daily use exacerbated by harsh coastal or winter environments. Many concrete and metal bridge structures are aging and nearing the end of their service life. Some are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Maintenance, repair, and replacement are expensive and time consuming. Cortec® stands ready to help with economical treatments that prevent rust, stop existing rust, and extend the service life of roads and bridges.

Example of some of our products and applications:

MCI® Coating for Rebar

Water based, environmentally friendly coating provides excellent outside storage protection and superior corrosion resistance for embedded rebar.

MCI® CorteCure®

Water based, membrane-forming, curing compound containing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®). Made of 62% biobased content. VOC compliant per European and California regulations. ASTM C-309 compliant.

MCI®-2005*/ MCI®-2005NS *Biobased certification only refers to MCI®-2005

Water based, organic corrosion inhibiting admixture for the protection of metallic reinforcement in concrete structures. NSF Standard 61 approved for use in potable water tanks (UL certified). Earns LEED credits to user. Safe, environmentally friendly, and 67% biobased content. Meets ASTM C1582 requirements. MCI®-2005 NS approved by North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado DOTs.


An MTO approved, 100% silane concrete sealer containing MCIs. Complies with Alberta DOT Standards for Type 1b and 1c sealers.

MCI®-2019/ MCI®-2019 FD

A 40% silane, solvent-based concrete sealer containing MCIs.


Clear MCI® surface treatment for existing concrete. Designed to penetrate and migrate throughout the concrete structure. Patented. ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Approval for structures containing potable water.

MCI®-2026 Floor Coating

A 100% solids, two-component, novolac epoxy coating designed for environments that require a high degree of chemical or temperature resistance. Meets all USDA guidelines for use in federally inspected poultry and meat plants.

Mini MCI® Grenades

Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors packaged in water-soluble PVA bags. Ideal for repair mortars.

For more information on the products and processes Cortec offers for new and existing construction please review various whitepapers.

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