The Company

Metals Preservation Group (MPG) is a full service company specializing exclusively in providing globally recognized and best-in-class corrosion protection using Cortec VpCI® Technology. As the largest global distributor of Cortec VpCI Technology, MPG operates in over 90 countries providing the best corrosion protection chemistry in the industry to some of the largest corporations in the world. We include Comprehensive Consulting Services and Rust Protection Solutions through each critical phase. In our thinking, no company should accept corrosion as a cost of doing business!

The Mission

To protect our client’s assets by providing effective mitigation of asset/facility corrosion using world-class products and services that are designed to pro-actively help our clients realize improved product yield, reduced warranty claims, improved efficiency, reduced waste and improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Team

Ask MPG a question or connect with our team at our U.S., Canada, or Mexico locations.

MPG-Cortec and Global Distribution Team